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Due to the nature of the messaging services offered by the Lormar Logic Company, all Internet-based html communications (Internet & Instant TTY™), as well as those which are email-based, may be routed in unencrypted format through intranets and the Internet and may be viewed by unauthorized individuals. WAP-based calls and Instant Messaging calls may be more secure. Regardless, it is suggested as a precaution that users do not give out credit card or other sensitive information while using the email-based and html-based services (this is no different than hearing people using scanners to listen to cell phone calls).

In the normal course of business, e.g. system troubleshooting, messages or parts messages may occasionally be viewed by Lormar Logic personnel. These personnel, like their counterparts in telephone relay centers, are committed to client confidentiality.

Likewise, personal information of our subscribers, such as name, address, etc., are maintained in our files as part of our normal course of business. This information may be routinely accessed by our employees and/or subcontractors, but only for legitimate business purposes, on a need-to-know basis.

All information about our subscribers is considered confidential, and will only be disseminated to a third party under the following circumstances: i. the subscriber consents in advance either in writing or electronically , ii. disclosure is necessary in order to provide service, or iii. disclosure is required pursuant to a court order, and the subscriber has been notified and has the opportunity to contest the order.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions.

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